Another great drink you can make out of those very same ingredients is turmeric milk, for which you’ll find the recipe in this post, along with useful information about turmeric properties and why it is vital to always pair it with black pepper. In this shots I also added freshly squeezed lemon juice, as it is a strong anti-inflammatory and has lots of vitamin C….Read More

I created this cake earlier this year and made it several times since then, but thought to share it with you now because this little jewel can really brighten up these gloomy autumn evenings!
This cake reminds me somehow of Finland, not only for its colors, but also for its ingredients and its taste.
I love how balanced this cake is. At the same time, it succeeds to be both fresh and full of flavor, but still not heavy….Read More

Actually I’m kinda happy that my first down-to-earth-recipe is something that connects my Italian roots with one of the main Finnish ingredients, that is salmon.
Some time ago I received a great packaging of spice from RawSpiceBar, which is an US based company that sends to your door every month 3 different flavor kits, from whole, high quality spices freshly ground. One of these flavor kits contained toasted brown mustard seeds, toasted yellow mustard seeds and horseradish powder and I thought would go beautifully together with the salmon. I wanted to give a fresh twist to the recipe that would have unless been a little stuffy with some lemon zest and it definitely worked out beautifully!….Read More

This is one of those recipes that might sound boring, but it really is not. I created my own version of chocolate chip cookies when I was maybe 13. I’ve made them so many times, that I really know the recipe by heart and I don’t even weigh the ingredients anymore. They cook super quickly and I might end up making them when I am craving something sweet and have nothing of that kind at home. The first time I made them to Klaus he was truly amazed by their soft structure and full taste….Read More

Red velvet cakes have always intrigued me, but I’ve never made them because the idea of using artificial poisons coloring had never inspired, au contraire, it has in fact killed my desire to make this cake. The other day I found myself wondering how to use those three beetroots that have been lying in my refrigerator for some days and suddenly everything just clicked together….Read More